Kedar Tal trek

Kedar Tal Trek

Kedar tal Trek is one of the popular The Kedartal is not for everyone It is a moderate and difficult trek

8 Days
Minimum Group Size
8 People
Tour Type
Best Time
May to october
Min Age
Pickup From
Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar
Kedar tal Trek 2022

Kedar Tal Trek

Kedar Tal, also known as Shiva's lake, is a glacial lake situated at an altitude of 4,750 meters (15,600 feet) in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in India. The lake is fed by the snowfall over Mt Thalay Sagar (6,904m), Meru (6,672m), Mt Bhrigupanth (6,772m) and other surrounding peaks, which are also the source of Kedar Ganga, which in Hindu mythology is considered to be Lord Shiva's contribution to Bhagirathi (a source-stream of the Ganges). The proximity with magnificent peaks and the view this trek offers will make you believe in magic. The lake itself is crystal-clear blue, the coolest drink of water you'll ever find and a true gem of Uttarakhand. Adding to the allure of this trek is the trailhead of Gangotri, where the trail begins, and also the holy town said to be the origin of the Ganges River. The place bursts to life during yatra season, with markets, temples, nightly aartis and forests full of sadhus. Save a few days to explore here after your trek. The best time to do the Kedartal trek are the months of May, June, September and, October. Stay on this page for more details like Kedar Tal trek route map, itinerary, temperature chart, photos, and videos. Scroll to the end to read Kedartal trek blogs..

Kedartal – The Source of River Kedar Ganga

Kedartal Trek is in the Garhwal Himalayas at an altitude of 4912 m. Perhaps, it is the source of Kedar Ganga and it is believed that it is a contribution to Bhagirathi by Lord Shiva. Kedartal Trek is an Enthralling Gangotri valley in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarkashi district inUttarakhand India, this trek come under Gangotri National park.

No doubt, the Himalayas have enchanting beauty, bracing climate, and desirable soothing green meadow. So, what else can be better than spending some days here in the serenity!

Should you trek to Kedartal or not, and do so because of it?

These treasures are worth thinking about, how beautiful and huge these treks are, when you go here you will find yourself, Kedartal trek which starts from Uttarkashi Gangotri Dham in Uttarakhand State,

The Kedaratal trek is a wonderful and natural tal, which is 17 kilometers from Gangotri, these Tal are in the middle of beautiful hills with an altitude of about 4,912 meters. For Kedartal, we need to travel only after getting a permit from the forest, these treks from Gangotri are about to climb, when we leave from Gangotri for the Bhojkharak camp, then the stepping starts from the one who feels very tired. Yes, but for those who are adventure lovers, they are nothing but adventure, at a distance of about 8 km from Gangotri, the route passes through the magnificent and difficult paths,

Even from Bhoj Kharak camp to Kedarkharak, today is a very good day, but today you will have to climb about 5 Km from near Grass and Kedarganga. If you are in luck, these camps are very beautiful from here and the mountain range starts to appear, from Kedarkharak to Kedartal are just 4 kilometers away which are very spectacular, you will feel happy after going here and here from here you will be able to see other mountain ranges close to Thalay Sagar 6,904 meters, Peak, Meru Peak 6,660 meters.etc

The climate and temperature here vary from time to time, so you should come with your preparation according to the time and the months, it can also be difficult to trek to without out local ,

Get the closest view of Mountains of Kedartal

This place is amidst the tall standing mountains all covered by snow, you will get the magnificent views of snow-covered mountains, you don’t often get the close view of mountains on many treks, but at Kedar Tal, you will get close and majestic views of them. Mountains like Thalay Sagar, Bhrigunath, Meru, and Mt. Gangotri and Manda Parvat are closely visible.

The trail goes through pine forest and the climb is steep, it is moderate to difficult trek as the climb is steep and there are landslide-prone areas and you have to go through them, it is an adventurous trek and not recommended for beginners but adventure lovers can choose this unique glacial lake trek.

About Base camp Kedartal at Gangotri

Gangotri is a starting point of Kedartal trek, Gangotri is a holy town perched at an altitude of 3,092 m on Bhagirathi River’s banks in Uttarkashi district. According to the legend, it is Goddess Ganga’s shrine and this pious site is the part of Chota Char Dham which holds a great place in the heart of Hindu mythology and Hindu devotees.

A temple “Gangotri” is present in this region which was built by “Amar Singh Thapa” in the 19th Century. Therefore, the purest deity “Ganga” is worshipped in this town. Here is the presence of many hot water springs nearby and it is believed that a dip in the pure water of Ganges washes all the sins.

Difficulty Level : Kedartal Trek

It is moderate to difficult level. Physically fit have a high endurance level and experienced trekker capable of doing this trek. You need to ready for long distance and challenging territory each day.For the beginners they have to be physically and mentally fit for this trek.

Duration : Kedartal Trek

Kedartal trek is last for 7 days including the Pickups and return. Pickup from the Dehradun the trekker are taken back to Gangotri where they driven back to Dehradun. The average of 6 hours per day the trekker has to do a trekking.

Seasons : Kedartal Trek

May-mid June and September and October are the best month to go for this trek.The weather gets extremely cold during the remaining months. during October and June much of the snow is away.

Average Temperature : Kedartal Trek

In kedartal trek temperature is varies with time. In the day time temperature is 12oC to 17oC. In the night time temperature drop to -2oC to -3oC.

What Makes this Trek Different?

The trek in itself is incredible. Moving out of Gangotri through glorious pine woodlands, the trail enters high elevation pastures. The camps en route give fantastic perspectives of the colossal mountains encompassing these settings. This is one of our few treks where you quite often locate the blue sheep or bharals. The assortment on the trek, fabulous perspectives and staggering mountain settings make this one of the immense treks in India.

  • Day 1

    Day 1: Pickup from Dehradun Railway Station and Drive to Gangotri

    Total distance 258 km – 10/11 Hours journey

    Mode of journey – By taxi

    Altitude – Uttarkashi – 3415 Meter

    Night stay – Hotel on twin share basis

    Dehradun Railway Station in the morning which will leave for Gangotri around 6:00 am to 7:00 am.
    Get in the vehicle from Dehradun and enjoy the picturesque journey along Bhagirathi River’s bank and forest stretches to reach Gangotri base camp . It is the base camp of Kedartal trek.
    Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and one of the most beautiful places in India. The main attraction of this place is Rajpur road go through it and get a glimpse of Dehradun’s beauty.

    Reach Mussoorie after an hour which is also known as “Queen of Hills”. People visit it heavily during vacations with their family and friends.
    After half an hour, stop at Suwa kholi Have breakfast there and witness people from different parts of the world. The break will be of maximum 1 hour.

    Ahead the peaks are visible and further you will come close
    Further you will cross the small Chinyali saur of Dharasu Reach Uttarkashi around 1:30 pm and take a break there for lunch.

    After having Go through the picturesque zig- zag road to gangotri via harshil
    Freshen up and enjoy evening snacks in the open Garden with great views.

    You will be provided some details after which you can go for evening walk but be at the hotel, Mandakini at gangotri for dinner.

  • Day 2

    Day 2 : Trek from Gangotri to Bhoj kharak camp

    Total distance 08 km – 5/6 Hours journey

    Mode of journey – On foot

    Altitude – Bhoj Kharak – 3780 Meter r

    Night Stay – Our Camp site – on twin share basis

    After breakfast From Gangotri the trail to Bhoj Kharak is through forest, you will reach that forest after crossing a bridge over Bhagirathi River.

    It is steep ascend to reach Bhoj Kharak, you will find rocks on the way and you might get tired because of the steep and rocky climb, so carry enough water.
    You will be walking under the shade of trees in dense forest and below flows Kedar Ganga. This place has a mythological story behind it and it is said that source of Kedar Ganga is Kedartal and contribution of Lord Shiva to Bhagirathi.

    Path gets leveled for some-time and again gets steep, the trail is difficult but it will be worth your efforts when you reach your destination.

    When you go further you will cross a mountain wall, cross this patiently, there will be a professional guide with you so will cross it without problems. Cross another mountain wall and after few minutes you will reach Bhoj Kharak campsite.

    The trail is narrow and there is grass all around, so find a place to set your tents or just clear up some area. The valley is not vast so you will not get clearer or amazing views but you can enjoy the beauty of imperfections because it lies there. At night have your dinner and overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 3

    Day 3 : Trek from Bhoj kharak to Kedar kharak camp

    Trek Distance 05 km – 4/5 Hours journey

    Mode of journey – On foot

    Altitude – Kedar Kharak – 4270 Meter

    Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

    Kedar Kharak is a meadow which is not very big but has colorful blooming flowers and Mt. Bhirgupath can be seen in the back which looks extremely beautiful covered by snow.
    The trail isn’t levelled but isn’t difficult, it has some ascends and descends, ascending is steep but further they get less steep, this place is rich in fauna so you can spot some animals there and also many variety of birds.

    Reach the Lake, Brahma Kamal’s and fan kamal , laser,
    As you go higher and gain altitude you will see ice crystals, it becomes cooler when you go upwards.

    Today is an easy trek as compared to previous day, keep walking and you will reach Kedar Kharak, the meadow with blooming flowers.

    Sunset from Kedar Kharak is captivating and looks mesmerizing from there, place your camps and enjoy these moments, it looks beautiful because the colours are changed during dusk and the sun sets behind Mt. bhrigupati. Dinner and overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 4

    Day 4 : Exploration Day Kedartal (4912 Meter) and thalay sagar back to camp (6/7 Hours)

    Trek Distance 09 km – 6/7 Hours journey

    Mode of journey – On foot

    Altitude – Kedartal – 4912 Meter

    Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

    Wake up early morning have some breakfast start trek from Kedartal is a unique glacial lake at high altitude (4912 m) it has a mythological story behind it. Trek to adventurous place with interesting story behind it makes it a popular trek; .
    Today you are going to reach your destination, trek to Kedartal gets tough sometimes ascends gets steep with very less descends.

    The trail is rocky and moderate and can become dangerous so you have to be careful while walking on that trail, there are loose rocks so put every step carefully so that you do not get slipped or don’t get your ankle twisted.

    The land is barren and you will not find any vegetation there.
    Weather is unpredictable and rain and snowfall can occur anytime so you need to be prepared for that, to reach Kedartal you have to cross a steep ridge from where you can see majestic Thalay Sagar peak which stand tall amongst all.

    When you cross this ridge descend down towards Lake now, this is the only descend.

    The temperature here gets falls and becomes too cold. Setup your tents at campsite, dinner and overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 5

    Day 5 :Trek from Kedar Kharak to Bhoj Kharak

    Trek Distance 05 km – 3/4 Hours journey

    Mode of journey – On foot

    Altitude – Bhoj Kharak – 3780 Meter

    Night Stay – Our camp – on twin share basis

    Have breakfast and start your trek early, today is an descend but you need to be careful while descending down as the trail is rocky and you have to follow the same path, there are loose rocks on the way be attentive don’t get slipped.
    Descending down is easy and it takes less time. Reach Bhoj Kharak, place your tents there, dinner and overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 6

    Day 6 : Trek from Bhoj Kharak to Gangotri Hotel

    Total distance 08 km – 4/5 Hours journey

    Mode of journey – On foot

    Altitude – Gangotri Hotel – 3415 Meter

    Night Stay – Our Hotel – on twin share basis

    This is the last day of your trek, from Bhoj Kharak to Gangotri is an easy descend and can be completed in four to five hours. When you reach Gangotri hotel visit Gangotri temple and witness Ganga Aarti there.
    Dinner and overnight stay in a hotel.

  • Day 7

    Day 7 :Drive from Gangotri to Dehradun by taxi (258 km) (10/ 11 Hours)

    Mode of journey – by taxi

    Today – good bye from Gangotri and kedartal trek .

    scenic drive from Gangotri to dehradun you are reach dehradun 6 to 07 pm evening

What is Included In This Trip?


All meals: breakfast, tea, and dinner


Medical Kit

What is Not Included In This Trip?

Personal Insurance

Medical Certificate

Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit