Travel Tips for Traveling in Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand Travel tips for travelers

Travel tips for travelers to Uttarakhand would actually introduce a tourist or traveler to all the things he or she could expect in the state of Uttarakhand and what all the natives of Uttarakhand could expect of the traveler.

If you are looking for an exhaustive set of travel tips for your Uttarakhand trip.

  • English, Hindi, Garhwali, Kumaoni are the key languages used in the state of Uttarakhand. If you have only a smattering of any of these three languages, you could communicate easily and get through
  • If you are concerned about what food you would get during the course of your Uttarakhand trip, worry not because the Uttaranchal cuisine is characterized by a diverse range of colors, flavors and ingredients which aptly cater to any and every taste. All the dhabas and restaurants there will offer you delectable and tantalizing Uttarakhand cuisine at an affordable price.
  • If you wish to know how you could reach Uttarakhand, there are three major options for you; i.e. air transport, rail transport and road transport. Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun connects you to all major cities of the country through regular flights. Also, the state boasts of a highly convenient road as well as railway network. Trains connect Uttarakhand to other states and cities of the country. Also inter-state and inter-city bus services make your journey hassle-free. Furthermore, there’s an abundance of local transport too in the form of rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis and tongas. When you are hiring an auto rickshaw or taxi, make sure to hire those from the kiosks or prepaid booths and also while settling fares with the cab driver or auto rickshaw driver, don’t forget to negotiate.
  • Uttarakhand receives a huge crowd of Chardham yatra pilgrims every year. The yatra to the Chardham involves rigorous trekking through rocky perilous trails. Also, the roadways in the many other popular hill stations of Uttarakhand are narrow enough and run meanderingly amid the craggy hills and mountains, thus offering you with a really tricky terrain. So you need to adhere to the speed limit instructions, follow the road signs properly in order to avoid dangerous, life-threatening consequences. During your trek to the Chardhams, abide by the Char Dham yatra travel tips stringently enough. Such tips would bar you from traveling during the monsoon season as roads are slippery and prone to treacherous landslides. Also, such tips would instruct you to carry items like sufficient woolen garments, windcheater jackets, rain coat, special Cades trekking shoes, mineral water for drinking, sleeping bags, necessary medicines, torch, a road map etc. In fact these items are indispensable.
  • Getting a health insurance done is an important pre-requisite prior to any travel. When you are traveling to the perilous terrains of Uttarakhand Himalayas, it is all the more important as in case of any mishap the insurance will offer sufficient financial support to you and your family.
  • Shopping in Uttarakhand offers you with a vast array of fanciful goods & commodities and you may find the lure of shopping quite irresistible. But to make sure, you shop at the right price and shop quality products only, choose the state emporiums and reputed enough shops.
  • While putting up in a hotel, thoroughly check on the facilities available. Purified drinking water, 24/7 hot water supply, timely food availability are certain vital necessities when you are traveling to the high Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand.
  • Best Time to Visit Uttarakhand:

    Summer months witness a surge in tourism in Uttarakhand since the temperatures here are extremely pleasant and comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities like camping, trekking and hiking activities. These months lasts from April to August when the temperature ranges between 20 to 35 degree Celsius.

    If you want to get a taste of the Himalayan winter chill then visiting Uttarakhand during the months of September to February when the temperature stays between 3 to 10 degrees Celsius and in some cases some of these regions also experience snowfall. A lot of these regions are made inaccessible due to a thick blanket of snow that falls over these regions.

    Must Visit Places in Uttarakhand:

    Auli – Popular for being top tourist destinations Auli is a great option for spending your winter vacations and New Year. Swoop down the snow covered slopes of the Himalayas and explore this magnificent undulating hill that is dotted with glistening apple orchards, pine and oak trees. This hill resort is located at an elevation of 2,800 metres above sea level and one can savor some of the most stunning views of the surrounding Nanda Devi and Mt. Kamet.

    Almora – Nestled among the wilderness of the magnificent and wonderful looking Himalayan ranges this horseshoe like hill destination is filled with glorious representations of the bygone British past. It boasts of a 180 panoramic view of the Himalayas and a massive collection of flora and fauna.

    Valley of Flowers – A magnificent and well preserved UNESCO world heritage site, this valley dotted with numerous colorful flowers and plants was discovered in the year 1931 by Frank Smythe. Surrounded by the glorious and overlooking snowcapped peaks which only adds to its beauty this valley of flowers should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list.

    Kanatal – A must visit option for people looking to attain some peace, serenity and peace of mind. Located in close proximity to the hill destination of Dehradun. This place is named after a lake which is now dried up and is also filled with numerous fruit-bearing trees and incredible lush greenery.

    Sattal – As the name suggests this place is named after a group of seven freshwater lakes that are located in this region. It truly is a Pandora box for nature lovers and bird watchers. The place experiences pleasant weather conditions throughout the year making it a tourist hub for everyone.

    General Tips

    The state of Uttarakhand has a never ending sky with high and lofty mountains beckon you to come to their territory just once. But to actually enjoy yourself there you need to be prepared and to help you with this preparation, we are jotting some travel tips to make things easier.

    • Try to know about a place beforehand so that you appear confident. This confidence will help you to bargain and nobody would try to cheat you.
    • The people of Uttarakhand are extremely warm and friendly. They are always eager to help anybody who is in trouble. Ask anyone if you have lost directions or landmarks.
    • Avoid provocative or revealing clothing, especially at religious places. It might attract the wrong type of men to you and offend cultural sensibilities.
    • Carry a map, a compass, cash (in lower denominations of Rs 10, 20, 50 & 100), your travel papers like a copy of your passport, visa, health checks etc on person.
    • While paying somebody do not take out the entire wad of cash you have. There are chances of getting it pick pocketed.
    • Do not accept anything from a stranger, even if he / she say it is ready made or packeted. The food can be laced with drugs and the people might rob you.
    • Do not eat raw cut foods like salads in hotels since it could be contaminated. The contamination can lead to dysentery or worse, even food poisoning. Eat only full fruits bought from a vendor, if you wish.
    • If your passport / visa are stolen / lost then immediately inform the local consulate since your documents may be forged or misused.
    • Most towns have means of competent local transportation such as taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and buses. Private cabs can also be hired at pre-discussed rates / destinations.
    • When shopping, first take a look around the market asking the prices. After the first tour you will have an idea of the average value of an article. Go the shop with the lowest price and bargain. Bargaining is the norm in India and one needs to polite and patient but assertive.
    • If you want to click photos of localites then first take their permission, especially women.
    • Public display of affection is frowned upon and it is appreciable if one maintains distance from the opposite sex at places like a temple or Gurudwara.
    • The norm for tipping is usually 10% of the bill but in Dhabas (roadside motels) you need not pay tips. The tipping can also depend upon whether you liked the place or not.
    • Most people in Uttarakhand speak Hindi, tourist guides and city people can speak English but Garhwali and Pahari is prevalent in small towns and remote areas.