Trekking Tips For Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Trekking Map

As you will be hiking as well as camping to the severe as well as remote areas of Uttarakhand Himalayas. Ultimate travel packing tips for Uttarakhand including of Basic Essentials during Trekking, Clothing and Other Essentials Tips, Eatables – Quick Energy during Trek, Other Equipment and Accessories required during Trek Personal Medicine Kit and much more.

Want to make a trip to Uttarakhand? Nestled in the marvelous Himalayan foothills, Uttarakhand brings in tourists from everywhere due to spiritual glory as also of its breathtaking beauty and panoramic mountainous views.

As you will be trekking and camping to the extreme and remote areas of Uttarakhand Himalayas. It is always much better to carry the adhering to things which are not easily available there.

Important Things to Carry for Uttarakhand Trip

Packing Tips

Important things to carry, backpacking tips, hiking equipment’s and devices to pack. Make your trek comfortable and don’t miss important things which will certainly be required during trek. Right here is your full checklist for any kind of trek. Make sure you pack all these things for comfortable trekking experience.

Here is list of packing tips for Uttarakhand:-

Basic Essentials during Trekking

Essentials Things to Pack

  • An identity card – Original and Photocopies (MANDATORY)
  • Back Pack & Rain Cover (50-60 liter)
  • Day Pack & Rain Cover (20-30 liter, If you hire mule or porter)
  • 1 ltr of pet water bottle
  • Floaters or Sandals, Trekking Shoes (waterproof are better during snow and rain)
  • LED Torch/Headlamp (With extra batteries)
  • Poncho, Rain Coat or Umbrella any one is must (Poncho are light weight, easy to carry/fit)

Clothing & Other Essentials (For winter trek: 5 layers, for general treks: 3-4 layers)

Packing Tips for Uttarakhand

  • 2 Pairs of Quick Dry Tees and Track Pants (Denims are not recommended for treks.)
  • 1 pair of T-shirts (half and full sleeve)
  • 3 Pair of Cotton Socks, 2 pairs of woolen socks
  • 2 Full Sleeve Sweater or Fleece Jacket
  • Thermal Wear – 1 pair (you can keep two, if going on long trek)
  • One down feather Jacket
  • Sun Cap, One Scarf, Light towel, Gloves (1 woolen, 1 waterproof)
  • Woolen cap or Balaclava that covers the ear.(protection from cold waves)
  • Dark UV Sunglasses
  • Carry few plastic bags in case your clothes get wet.

Eatables – Quick Energy during Trek

Quick Energy during Trek

  • Glucose, Chocolates, biscuits, Energy bars.
  • Toffees and also Dry fruits & nuts.

Other Equipment and Accessories required during Trek

Other Packing Tips

  • Headlamp or torch with fresh pair of batteries
  • Trekking or Hiking Pole
  • CAMERA with memory card and fully charged with extra batteries

Personal Medicine Kit

Packages Tips

  • Crocin – 6 tablets (for fever)
  • Vomistop – 4 tablets (for travel sickness in hilly area)
  • Combiflam – 4 tablets (pain killer)
  • Disprin – 6 tablets (headache)
  • Band aid – 10 strips
  • Digene – 6 tablets (for stomach pain and digestion)
  • Cotton – 1 small roll
  • Uttarakhand Trekking Gear List

    Will you provide us with tents and sleeping bags?

    We give 4 seasons tents by Gipfel for higher altitudes which can without much of a stretch withstand substantial snowfall and tempests. They are sufficiently extensive to accommodate 3 individuals on the double with a vestibule to put the knapsacks. Our resting packs are comprised of Heat seeker Pro manufactured protection that can give you comfort in - 10 degrees Celsius. We likewise utilize extra wool liners to have warm effectiveness even in the extraordinary temperatures of - 17 degrees Celsius. In the event that you convey your own resting sack, you will get a cashback compensate gave that you educate us when you have booked your trek.

  • What will we do if it rains?

    Bring Poncho (Rain cover) for your backpack and your own. It will protect your belongings from getting damped. In case if you get drenched due to any reason, it’s advised to put off your wet clothes as early as possible because keeping yourself wet at high altitudes can attract unwanted medical complications which may cost you fatal.

  • Will backpacks, raincoats and other equipment be available for rent?

    No, these are not available for the rent. You need to carry or purchase them before you head for the trekking. Raincoats and backpacks are a few of the most important things you’d need during the trek provided you are trekking in the rainy seasons.

  • Can I take my child along on this trek? What is the age limit?

    Yes, but it solely depends up on the difficulty level of the trek, for some treks the age limit is below 10.

  • Who will be with us on the trek from Trekking in uttarakhand?

    Certified and experience trek leader, assistant trek leader, Certified guides, High altitude porter, Co-guide, cook, Assistant cook, mules, mule’s men.

  • What kind of food is served on the trek? Should we carry any food?

    We provide highly nutritious food during the trek in order to keep you away from gastro-intestinal problems. No, it’s generally not advised to carry your own food during the trek.

  • Why is the trekking pole necessary?

    Trekking pole is one of the key component as well as companion during the trek when you’re ascending towards submit. It helps you in balancing through the sloppy treks and slippery streams. Carrying a trekking pole may sound irritating but it’s of major use at the high altitudes.

  • When it gets really cold can I consume alcohol?

    No, Alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited during the trek under any circumstances. Dizziness and other issues may arise due to alcohol, which may attract number of fatal outcomes that would not be good for your health and would hinder the trek experience as well.

  • Why is the trekking pole necessary?

    Trekking pole is one of the key component as well as companion during the trek when you’re ascending towards submit. It helps you in balancing through the sloppy treks and slippery streams. Carrying a trekking pole may sound irritating but it’s of major use at the high altitudes.

  • How do I manage the negative temperatures on the trek? Do I need special jackets?

    You need to do at least 3 layers. Wearing fleece with a warmer along with the jacket would do the needful to protect you from the cold.

  • Is it safe to trek with Trekking in uttarakhand?

    Yes, we ensure safety of trekker by providing require medicine and regular health checkup. In addition to this, our trek leaders are the trained professionals which are made to defy all the odds during the trek. Moreover, we ensure the trekkers at the first point via numerous physical and physiological endurance test.

  • Can I leave traveling clothes in basecamp behind and collect them after the trek?

    Yes, you can but we shall not liable be for any of your costly equipment. However, carrying your belongings along with you sounds wiser as you don’t know what demand may arise during the trek and if you don’t want to drag the additional weight while trekking you may opt either of the one. You can opt for offloading which will be charged accordingly.

  • How many people are there in one group?

    A batch or group generally consists of 8-12 people. However, there might be the change in numbers as per the availability and due to other reasons.

  • Is there an option to offload my backpack?

    If you want to offload your rucksack, you will have to make a request for offloading a few days prior the trek through an email so that arrangement can be made in advance. You will be charged per day for offloading your rucksack. In case you decide to offload on the spot, you may have to pay a higher price than usual. However offloading your rucksack is not recommended since it is not a safe practice.

  • Meals in a day?

    We provide 3 meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner,

  • What is the Starting and ending point of trek?

    Your basecamp will be your starting point and ending point can be different. You will get this details while booking of every treks respectively.

  • Do I have to bring any trekking gear?

    Trekking Shoes (If don’t have any then bring sports shoes with good grip and have to be water proof), trekking poles, water bottle, sun glasses, poncho for back packs, Tiffin (Don’t use silver foil).

  • What is the wellspring of drinking water? Is it safe to drink?

    Water source is natural streams, rivers and water springs in the mountains and it is protected to drink.

  • Do we require a trekking pole?

    Yes, trekking pole is necessary for high altitude treks. Trekking poles provide an additional edge while climbing and support you as an aided limb.

  • Are trekking shoes necessary? Would I be able to utilize floaters to trek?

    Trekking Shoes will be best choice, if you don’t have any then bring sports shoes with good grip and water proof. Floaters are not advised to use during the trek because of their slippery soles.

  • What number of individuals will share a tent?

    A tent will be shared among the maximum of three people, however a number may vary as per demand or the availability of the treks.

  • Is accommodation for men and women different?

    Yes, keeping the privacy as the priority we keep the accommodation for both genders segregated. Special cases may be taken into the consideration.

  • Would we be able to expect rain during the trek?

    Sudden showers are normal, bring a light rain coat or poncho. This will help you to keep you and your belongings dry which is most important at the higher altitudes.

  • What sort of nourishment do you give?

    We provide you with the vegetarian food that’s full of nutrition that would fulfil all your energy requirements during the trek. We avoid serving junk during the trek as it may lead to gastro-intestinal issues in the trekkers.

  • Do I have to convey any documents with me?

    Yes, please bring these documents: Parental , Medical and identity proof (Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, driving license etc.)

  • Is there a doctor going with us on the trek?

    No, But certified trek leader will look after your health. Our trek leaders are professionally trained to fight against any medical complications at the primary level. In case of emergency, trekking in uttarakhand takes liability to descend the trekker to the nearby hospital, basecamp or the road ahead.

  • Do you provide toilets in the tent?

    Yes, a separate tent will work as toilet. However you’re advised to maintain the hygiene by using the biodegradable disposable toiletries and keeping the sanitary napkins and other stuffs in separate zipped bags.

  • Do we get mobile network on the trek?

    It depends on the trek location and your network providers. However at some treks, it possible to connect to the people while others are left abandoned by the telecom companies.

  • Are smoking and drinking allowed on the trek?

    No, it’s strictly prohibited and may entertain severe outcomes.