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About Kasol Kheerganga trek

A small town in Himachal, Parvati is located on the banks of Parvati, Kasol is a holiday destination which is rapidly praising Trekkers, explorers and loved ones of nature as a very mainstream center. Commonly known as India's Amsterdam, this curious little town is shiny in the picturesque excellence, and there is only one handful of fists in the country which has been ruined by urbanization and creative. Arranged between the towns of Bhuntar and Manikaran, Kasol can be seen as a plain, inevitable city, though it is excellent for kicking and cooling back in nature's lap in other places of the country.

With the waters of the Parvati stream sputtering along and a staggering perspective of the snow-topped mountains, which is outstanding among other approaches to spend multi day in Kasol. The fountain ocean of waterways with smooth cliffs and clear white sand separates green grass with green water, each curve in the stream opens up to the wonderful display of pancake trees, pine trees, and spicy cascades.

Kasol is well known for its trekking trails, including Trek in Kheerganga, Yanker Pass, Sar Pass and Pin Parbati Pass. In order to get a real vibe of the way of life in these districts, visit the city of Malana. A few kilometers away from Kasol, Malana is deliberately a small villa captured by people living in disintegration. The general population of Malana guarantees itself to be Arya relative, which is why they keep away from collaboration with the boycott. However, there are many beautiful places in the city, and they are often called 'Mini Israel'.

Tourism in Kasol

A province of Nirvana, Kasol isn't only a quiet town yet in addition a heaven for cool people from everywhere throughout the world. Placed in the Parvati Valley in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol lies close Manali inaccessible while in transit to Manikaran. Kasol tourism will take you through the excellence of quiet and basic way of life.

For those hoping to chill with friends in the slopes should realize that there ain't no gathering like a Kasol party. Chalal Trek Trail, Manikaran, Malana town, and Tosh are famous spots to visit in Kasol. Consistently, a huge number of trekkers come and witness the straight forwardness and peace in this peaceful place close to the Parvati stream. This Kasol travel guide will help you with all that you have to think about Kasol tourism. Kasol, generally, is a market with all visitor offices being given, for example, transport tickets, vehicle appointments, sustenance and settlement. Kasol fills in as a base for other close-by towns of Malana, Rasol, Tosh, Chalal, Kalga, Pulga, Tulga, Katagla and Kheerganga, all falling in the Parvati valley. Additionally, Kasol is small to the point that a man can stroll from one end of it to the next in only two or three hours. It is separated into Old Kasol and New Kasol by a scaffold over the Parvati stream. Having this Kasol visit direct with you will help your stay in this place make more pleasant. Chalal Trek Trail in Kasol is a mainstream climbing trail by the stream Parvati to unwind and appreciate the quietness of woods. Take a heavenly drop in the hot springs of Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib which is said to improve many skin and breathing issues. For the individuals who are pondering that tourism in Kasol simply happens to be a lovely town with locales of journey, you should then unquestionably look at the bistros in the Kasol advertise. Sustenance in Kasol is to a great extent impacted by its occupants in which Israelis include a huge lump. Since Israel is a war-torn nation with mandatory military administration, the youthful Israelis go to India in the wake of serving the armed force and live in the Himalayan towns for a considerable length of time and years to encounter peace in the mountains. You will get all top of the line dishes from Israeli cooking like Falafel and Tabbouleh. Additionally, bistros in this place serve the absolute best pizzas and numerous mainland dishes you'll have anywhere. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect - what makes an upbeat Kasol! Numerous beauticians have entered the business sectors of Kasol with their extremely one of a kind method for styling any hair to radical haircuts like Mohawks, Dreadlocks, Boho and some more. Also, dress like Alaadeen pants, long length shirts and frill like potter glasses, gesture of goodwill mementos, and arm jeweler made of Rudraksha dots will be discovered usually in these business sectors.

Kasol is a place for nature darlings and the general population who looking for peace. The general population of Kasol are cordial and bolster tourism in the most supportive way that is available. What's more, in Kasol, you can complete a considerable measure. You can take a long trek to Kheerganga to appreciate shocking perspectives from the peak or simply sit and unwind on a Rockstone close to the quiet Parvati waterway, whatever you do here will without a doubt offer you a cherishable reprieve from your bustling life. Look at alternate pages of this movement manual for Kasol to know more.

Places to visit in kasol

Seven Sisters Trek, Himachal Pradesh Hoping to scale a pinnacle and lift your banner when climbing In India? A simpler alternative is the Seven Sisters inHimachal Pradesh. Situated in the Western Himalayas, this gathering of pinnacles is a standout amongst the most awesome places on Earth. This place is brimming with apple plantations and speckled with antiquated wooden temples. The mountains have wonderful climatic conditions which makes it one of the perfect best climbing goals in India.

Malana Village Shadowed by the glorious pinnacles of Chandrakhani and Deotibba, Malana is a little village in Himachal that has self-disengaged itself from whatever remains of the world. This quiet area is a visual treat to eyes of the voyagers and a best fascination in Kasol. Trekking here, is a standout amongst other activities in Kasol to investigate the serenity of the place yourself. Enchanting territories and unmistakable culture of this town are one of its kind and worth a visit. The town is likewise regularly alluded to as the 'little Israel of India.'

The Grand Indrahar Pass, Himachal Pradesh This is basically a mountain pass which is likewise one of the best climbing goals in India. Situated in the Dhauladhar run in the Himalayan segment, the trekking begin off point is the Galu sanctuary. The Galu sanctuary is situated in Dharamsala. In transit you can see Triund – which is an outdoors ground. You should likewise visit the Lahesh Caves in transit. Triund and Lahesh Caves are well known outdoors focuses for explorers in kasol, through the Grand Indrahar pass. The trek closes at Chamba. The climbing undertaking gives you a chance to encounter the Dhauladhar range and PirPanjal Mountains. The climbing trail is respectably troublesome. In transit you climb through green fields and explore through thick woodlands. These are Deodar and Rhododendron wildernesses, and on the off chance that you have never been to a tropical woods, at that point this could be a captivating knowledge. You likewise walk on the old Gaddi Shepherds trail. Climbing through this pass is an astounding knowledge. You can see the Mani Mahesh Kailash crest. The snow clad Panjal Range will never stop to amuse you. The best time to visit this place is amongst May and October.

Manikaran Sahib The magnificent perspective of the valley and captivating appeal of the Gurudwara is an extreme motivation to visit there. The traveler estimation of the place as made Manikaran Sahib a standout amongst other place to visit in Kasol.Worked in the middle of the two thundering streams, Beas and Parvati; Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara that invites several Hindu and Sikh aficionados consistently. At the pinnacle of Manikaran Sahib begins a hot spring that moves through the sanctuary premises. A few lovers take a dunk in this heavenly water and trust that it washes away their wrongdoings. It's a sacrosanct place you should visit in Kasol on the off chance that you need to encounter peace and serenity. The sanctuary is arranged inside the closeness of the city and thus pulls in a bigger number of voyagers towards it.

Parvati River Moving through the Parvati valley, River Parvati is one of the significant attractions in Kasol. Excellent scenes of the valley and enchanting riverside, improves this place than the normal. Visit to River Parvati is the most unwinding and reviving knowledge in Kasol. The place is reasonable for touring and a couple of fun exercises with your gathering. It doesn't offer any significant enterprise action and subsequently is an extraordinary place to visit in Kasol to simply lay back, unwind and appreciate the quiet of nature.

Kheer Ganga Peak In the midst of all the excellence of scenes, there lies another goal that will guarantee you a comparable affair. Kheer Ganga is one of the most straightforward treks and furthermore considered as a standout amongst other exercises to do in Kasol. It is around nine kilometers in length and goes through simple trails that prompt tough. On achieving the best, amazingly and enchant; you can unwind and restore in the high temp water spring that starts at the highest point of the slope. A trekking like this can't be ticked off somewhere else! You can likewise plan to remain over the slope for a night or thereabouts; the adjacent villas offer a few convenience alternatives.

Tosh Village: However another town goal in Kasol, Tosh is a green treat to the visitors that visit the place. the place holds outstanding amongst other treks in Kasol. The most ideal approach to get to this town is by trekking up the slope and seeing the stunning flabbergast of this little township in Kasol. Hypnotizing peak see and reviving trekking knowledge will keep you near joy the whole day. There are various bistros you can visit in this place, while you are finding different spots to visit in Kasol. The all the more so European experience is certainly on your way on the off chance that you are anticipating tick off Tosh town.

How To Reach Kasol

How to Reach Kasol by Air:Just about 31 Kms away, Bhuntar Airport situated close Kullu is the closest airplane terminal to the town. It is associated with three urban areas Delhi, Pathankot and Shimla. You can procure neighborhood taxis or private vehicles from that point to achieve Kasol.

How to Reach Kasol by Road: It is considered as the most courageous approach to achieve Kasol. On your way, you get an opportunity to satisfy your eyes with the magnificence of Indian valleys. The separation between the two is 526 km which can be secured by enlisting a private taxi or a Volvo. In the event that you have no pre-reserving for Volvo you can discover one on the spot from the real transport station, ISBT Kashmere Gate. Himachal Road Transport Corporation Busses work from the same.

How to Reach Kasol by Rail: Pathankot fills in as the closest railhead at a separation of just about 150 Km, Himsagar Express, Andaman Express, Ten Jammu Express, and Sarvodaya Express are a couple of trains you can select. Chandigarh around 310 Km away is another alternative you can pick. Taxi/cabs or private vehicles can be enlisted from here too to achieve Kasol.

Best Time to Visit Kasol

November to March – Starting on November, winter season is a bit wiser for Kasol journey, which is a great degree responsible for crisp temperatures and unseen roads. Only those people who are physically fit and are furious to go, should go to break the track so far. Due to solid and continuous snowfall, the more part of the roads is blocked at any rate.

April to June – This is the best for a visit to this goal, with the temperatures once in a while dipping under 15 degrees Celsius. The days are hot yet wonderful in case you're going to in the long stretches of May and June. This is the best time for trekkers & campers and henceforth additionally turns into the pinnacle season for venturing out to Kasol.

July to October – Despite the fact that there is heavy rains in the rainy season, due to illusions and unsafe residuals, it is not the best time to go to Kasol. Cloudbursts is the same imaginative as well.

If you are travelling from Delhi then Delhi to tosh distance is not that much. The total height of Kheerganga Trek is 2950 meters.

You will either have to hire a cab or come by local bus to Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. From there people will be taken to tosh and the Trekking starts from there.

Kasol to tosh Trek is not very steep and people find it easy on the first day. From Tosh we go to Brashini from where the actual Trek starts towards Kheerganga.

As mentioned earlier there are two roads heading towards Kheerganga from Barshini Bridge. The right one takes a longer distance but the climb is easy.

The left route of the bridge takes less time but the climb is tougher.

Location and how to reach

To reach Delhi to tosh one has to either book a private cab or they can come by Volvo bus to Kasol.

The tosh Trek starts immediately in the morning as soon as the Trekkers reach.

It starts very early at around 7:00 am or 8:00 am in the morning.


Day 1 Chalal

Today is the easiest day. You arrive at the first point which is Chalal. Here it is a camp just 1 km before Kasol if you are coming from Bhuntar.

Once reaching the campsite we take some rest for few hours and then we had towards Kheerganga for the further Trekking. There is driving involved up-to Barsheni and then from the Barsheni Bridge, there are two Kheerganga Trek routes.

The route through the right of the bridge covers very dense forests and it takes slightly longer time for Kheerganga Trekking but the climb is quite simple.

The next route is from the left of the bridge via Nakhtan village is a shorter route but the climb is comparatively difficult here.

This route provides much of the scenic beauty on its way. One can really enjoy by this route.

After reaching Kheerganga, Himachal, the day 1 concludes and night stay is also arranged. Here people can stay in their own tents and sleep in their sleeping bags.

For a fun, night campfire is also arranged and people often enjoy the night by playing antakshari.


Day 2 Kheerganaga to Tosh

After the first day concludes, the second day starts with full excitement and thrill. This day we will be Trekking towards tosh.

The day starts early, have some breakfast and freshen up by wiping your face with warm water natural pool and then we head towards tosh valley Trek.

To reach tosh it takes the whole day. On the way, you can experience the beauty and the peace offered by nature. One can also take a view of the huge range of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.

After reaching tosh, check into your guest houses, take some rest, have your meal and enjoy the view of the Parvati range of Himalayas.

People often come from Delhi to escape from their hectic life. The whole journey from Delhi to tosh is just adventurous.

Delhi to tosh distance is also not that much and one really lost the track of time throughout the entire journey. After taking some rest in the guesthouse you can also enjoy by listening to the dholaks and bands which sing Shiv Natraj music.

This is complimentary for all the guests. After that, for a fun night, we will gather around the bonfire, play something and have dinner. And then spend the night under a beautiful blanket of stars.


Day 3 Check-Out from Tosh

The tosh Trek comes to an end this day. And people depart to their respective places by 12 o clock. People from all age group come for this Kheerganga Trekking to have a fun and adventurous weekend.

Difficulty level

This place is located in Chalal, Kheerganaga, Kullu, and Himachal Pradesh.

This is not at that much altitude. People of all age groups can come here. But people having any lung problem should carry their own inhalers and take precautions.

Warm clothes and proper shoes for Trekking should always be carried by people here in this Trek.

Kheerganga Trek is very famous for Treks near Kasol. The distance travelled is also not that much. Kasol to Kheerganga does not include very steep climbs.


The major merit of this Trek is that the weather is really pleasant throughout the year. But the ideal time to explore the wilderness of this place is during spring that is from March to May.

As this time of the year, the trees regenerate new leaves and the view is just awesome. The temperature during these months varies from 15- 22 degree Celsius.

The view of the tosh valley Trek during these months is marvellous.

Kheerganga in December is inhabitable due to heavy and frequent snowfall and cold and dry winter winds make it a little difficult to explore the tosh valley Trek.

Anyone who wants to live and experience the true essence of Kasol without being bothered by noisy tourists must plan to go to Kheerganga in December or January.

And, the way locals will treat you when there aren’t many tourists is worth noticing.


What is Included In This Trek?

Accommodation in Camp/ on share basis

All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, and dinner

High quality tents

Medical Kit


What is Not Included In This Trip?

Personal Insurance

Medical Certificate

Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit

Mandatory Documents

Please carry the documents given below

Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voters ID, etc,
Passport and Visa important to foreigners

Water Bottle 2

Cap or Balaclava




Torch head light

Personal Toiletry Items – (toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, sanitizer etc.)