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Trekking Yoga Retreats to Source of Ganges

Our special two week Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Himalayas takes you to the Gomukh glacier, the very Source of the holy river Ganges! We’ll start the pilgrimage from a little mountain town close to the Indo-Tibetan border, dedicated to the Goddess Ganga.

We chose The Source of the Ganges for our first Spiritual Yoga Retreat in India because in Hinduism the auspicious and healing Goddess Ganga is the symbol of Life. Among the many symbols of India endowed with spirituality, water is the most sacred, at once the purifier and the origin of the mystery. It is the real and imagined Source of Life Water in general and Ganga water in particular is used in birth and death rituals.According to mythology it was Lord Shiva who brought Mother Ganga down from the heaven with his long locks of hair and spread her powers into seven streams that flowed to the far corners of the Earth. Because of this she released the troubled souls of the Kings who were seeking her purity. Our Spiritual Yoga and Meditation Retreat will take us on a journey to the mountains that give birth to the holy river.

We practice walking meditation and perform puja, the ceremony of worship at the very Source of the Ganges. The magical mountains where the pristine nature meets ancient pilgrims and yogis meditative energies will give us a special opportunity for spiritual growth and self-realization.

Hiking to Gomukh (also spelled Gaumukh), a truly powerful, transformative journey and taking a dip here will give you the ultimate fresh start in life! We cordially invite you to join us on our next Spiritual Yoga Retreat to the Source of The Ganges!.

bliss and joy on the transformative and deeply rejuvenating retreats nestled in the untouched heart of the meditative Himalayas. Accommodation is set on the banks of the crystal clear water of the Holy Mother Ganga. As per the experiences of the ancient sages, the Himalayas emanate such a powerful spiritual force that it becomes easy for those visiting it to be spiritually transformed from deep within. Ayurvedic meals are provided throughout the retreat session and there are also delicious fresh fruits and vegetables available in abundance. Every day we would provide yoga classes, sessions on the deeper aspects of ancient yogic wisdom, one hour of restorative asana and another hour of breathing exercise aside from mantra meditation (japa) and Kirtania. Water rafting is a bonus as are Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, including deep tissue massage. We are excited to offer this deeply uplifting, restorative and transformative experience in the sublime locations of the majestic, serene Himalayas.

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