Trekking In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is truly impeccable. The serene valleys and the soaring hills offer an unparalleled picture of nature's best. The salubrious climate and the rich and vivacious culture add immensely to the beauty of this picturesque state. Along with its beauty, the scope of adventure activities is another solid reason for many to visit Himachal Pradesh. Amongst the many popular activities, trekking is the oldest and the most preferred adventure venture in the state. Like its neighbouring states Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh offers a number of trekking trails that differ in their level of difficulty ranging from easy to strenuous.

An adventure holiday in Himachal Pradesh is the most anticipated one. There are a number of treks that allow beginners or nature lovers to go beyond the usual. The Indrahar Pass trek, Beas Kund Trek, Chandratal trek, Kinnaur Kailash trek and Manimahesh Kailash trek are some of the easy treks of Himachal Himalaya. Most of these treks vary between 2000m and 4500m of altitude with easy ascents and descents that cut and run through meadows, low mountains and some beautiful villages of Himachal Pradesh. On the other hand, the Charang Valley trek, which is a 13 days trek, can be categorized under moderate treks in Himachal Himalaya. The trek is strenuous with the highest altitude point of 5242m.

Trekking in Himachal has more to it, the rigorous treks that are hard-pressed on altitude, climate and unmettaled roads often end up with fascinating views and locations. Friendship Peak trek, Hampta Pass trek, Chandratal Baralacha trek, Shepherd Trail Gaddi trek and Pin Parvati Pass trek are reckoned to be excellent anecdote for trekking holiday in Himachal. These treks have an average elevation ranging from 3500m to 5300m, with Manali as the common base camp. Expect drastic climatic change, topography and encounter with some of the picturesque locations in Himachal Pradesh.

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Best Season: September till end of June
Popular Location: Himachal Pradesh, himalayas,
friendship peak

Friendship Peak Trek

10 Days

Friendship Peak, a spectacular mountain standing at an elevation of 5289m, is a part of the Pir Panjal range, in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Facing several other peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Indrasan and Deo Tibba, the summit of this peak offers spectacular panoramic views of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges with the Beas Kund basin enhancing the beauty of the panorama..

deo tiba

Deo Tibba Trek

12 Days

Deo Tibba Base Camp trek, also known as the Chota Chandratal trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the Manali region of Himachal Pradesh. The trail of this trek is highly varied and is home to diverse flora and fauna. Mt. Deo Tibba is visible through the entire trail of the trek. Other peaks like Indrasan and the glaciers of Jagatsukh and Deo Tibba are also visible. The maximum altitude gained during Deo Tibba is 14,698 ft

hamata Pass

Hampta Pass Trek

6 Days

Himachal, with all its daunting trails covering the exciting nature around, has been a trekker’s first love! The life and terrain beyond the mountains are exciting, raw, and lures every traveler into a momentous journey. Those, driven by the will to conquer the fear and vertigo, walk those beaten pathways and live to tell the tales of an incredible journey. Hampta Pass located in Himachal is one such destination that makes for a perfect trekking paradise for every adventurer

pin parvati

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

14 Days

Who doesn’t love a thrilling adventure among the snowy mountains and uncertain terrains? Love to tread off the beaten tracks? If yes, then the Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the perfect choice for you. Are you wondering where is pin parvati pass? Spanning the Pin Valley of Spiti to the Parvati Valley of Kullu, the Pin Parvati Pass lies at an alluring height of 5319 mts. which is a delight for seasoned trekkers,

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Beas Kund Trek

6 Days

One of the most popular treks from Manali, the Beas Kund trek has its own religious as well as beatific significance. The bliss of the mountains, the tranquillity of the meadows, the pristine air and the sweet hush of waters rushing against the rocks, such is the beauty of the Beas Kund trek


Chandratal Trek

12 Days

Himachal Pradesh is beyond doubt one of the most popular destinations in India. It is well known for its quaint and picturesque hill-towns, and also for the many thrilling Himalayan Treks that it has on offer for the adventure seekers. Places like Manali, Naggar and Dharamshala have many treks originating from them. From easy to challenging, you will find all varieties of treks here. So whether you are just beginning your tryst with trekking or you are a seasoned trekker, you will find something that quenches your thirst for adventure.

sach pass

Sach Pass Trek

12 Days

The Sach Pass Trek, being one of the alpine treks in the Indian Himalayan belt, requires some serious acclimatization and fitness and hence it is recommended only for experienced trekkers who are having have prior experience of high altitude trekking. The best time to hit the tracks is during the Indian summer season.

bhrigu lake trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek

8 Days

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is a high level alpine lake that is from Manali, Himachal Pradesh. It is just a three days’ hike from Manali. The best part of Bhrigu Lake Trek is that you get to climb the feet of 14,000 ft. in just three days. This feat is achieved generally on the fourth or fifth day that too if they are completely trained. Thus, just imagine completing something like this in three days. The most alpine meadows start around 11,000 ft.